About Us

Stem Cell Therapy Center of Kentucky is a team of doctors dedicated to provide cutting-edge, FDA approved stem cell treatments that can help the body heal due to the regeneration of new cells and tissues which were damaged from age, disease or degeneration.


This new treatment has been effective in supporting soft tissue repair, reduced inflammation and pain, and minimized scar tissue formation. This effective new treatment helps amplify your own stem cells ability to heal and regenerate most of the joints of the body. 

Our treatment harnesses the remarkable powers of stem cells to promote actual healing. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this additional treatment helps improve overall patient recovery and healing, allowing patients to more quickly regain their previous mobility.

Meet The Team

Dr. Anthony McEldowney

Dr. Anthony McEldowney is board-certified in Orthopedics and is a Certified IME Physician.

Dr. Blaine Lisner

Dr. Blaine Lisner is Board Certified on Neurology and Neurosurgery and have more than 20 years of experience in related field.

Dr. Dawn Wietfeldt

Dr. Dawn Wietfeldt is highly experienced chiropractic Physician and conducts training and seminars on Stem Cell Therapy

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